TASM help "hello world!"

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as mentioned "hello world!"
this is my first program in Assembly Language
By the way TASM means Borland's Turbo Assembler [b]NOT[/b] Telemark Assembler.

i found this example on the web:
; Turbo Assembler Copyright (c) 1988, 1991 By Borland International, Inc.

; HELLO.ASM - Display the message "Hello World"

; From the Turbo Assembler Users Guide - Getting started

.MODEL small
.STACK 100h
HelloMessage DB 'Hello, world',13,10,'$'
mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax ;set DS to point to the data segment
mov ah,9 ;DOS print string function
mov dx,OFFSET HelloMessage ;point to "Hello, world"
int 21h ;display "Hello, world"
mov ah,4ch ;DOS terminate program function
int 21h ;terminate the program
i copy pasted it and some error happens when linking
i used "tasm hello.asm" and found this result
Assembling file: hello.asm
Error messages: None
Warning messages: None
Passes: 1
Remaining memory: 452k
and there is some file called hello.obj appeared in my directory

then, "tlink hello.obj" and got this error
C:TASMBIN>Turbo Link Version Copyright (c) 1987, 1996 Borland International
Fatal: No program entry point
is this because of using Windows XP ?
help me please i use TASM v 5.0

Also, i already know C++ and some C do i need Assembler ?

thanx in advance


  • Hi,

    try this

    ;your data blabla...
    .startup ;<- i added this
    mov ax,@data
    ;rest of your code blabla...

  • : try this
    : ;your data blabla...
    : .CODE
    : .startup ;<- i added this
    : mov ax,@data
    : ;rest of your code blabla...
    Thanx alot
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