linux development


i am very much interested in open source software development,i know c& java.

please help me how to begin my work.


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    Do you have a specific question as to developing open source programs?

    You can always check out SourceForge ( They provide free service for open source projects, such as web hosting and cvs.

    They also have a "Help Wanted" section, incase you want to write open source code without having to start a new project.

    Many open source projects use tools such as autoconf, automake, gcc, cvs and libtool in developing / compiling a project, so you might want to look into them

    documentation for glibc:

    you can also read "Advaned Linux Programming" which covers topics such as threads, Inter Process Communication and the /proc filesystem. you can download the book from

    Google have a page for search for linux related items:

    Obviously it is very difficult to tell you everything you might need to know about open source software, but hopefully these links will help you, if not you can always ask another (hopefully more specific) question

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