?????DLL trouble with a .exe file????

After compiling my Borland C++ program into a .exe file, I'm trying to run it on a machine that doesn't have Borland installed on it; I'm receiving a linker error that says it can't find a .dll file - I think it was vcl50.bpr or vcl50.bpl. I've heard that a program written with Borland C++ Builder can only run on machines that have Borland installed on them. Is there any way around this? Does the latest version of C++ Builder correct this problem? It's extremely annoying.


  • See http://codepedia.com/1/CppBuilder under the FAQ 'How do I create a stand-alone executable?'. You should not say that it is 'annoying' as it is a 'feature' you can turn on or off. Setting a file to compile as a stand-alone executable results in larger files.

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