Database problem


I create a database in my application like this:
dim wrkDefault as Workspace
dim tbMyTB as TableDef
dim dfMyDf as Field

set wrkDefault = DBEngine.Workspace(0)
set dbMyDB = wrkDefault.CreateDatabase(dbName, dbLangGeneral, dbEncrypt)
set tbMyTB = dbMyDB.CreateTableDef("engine")

This works fine on my computer but on some computers I get a "Run-time error '429' ActiveX Component can't create object" on the set wrkDefault = DBEngine.Workspace(0) row. Also a "Error "The Jet VBA File...Failed to Initialize When Called" problem was reported.

I've made an installation program with Visual Studio Installer, coded the program in VB6 on Windows XP. The VBInstaller also complains that "One of more files in MSVBVM60.MSM/OLEAUT32.MSM/MDAC.MSM/MSDATLST.MSM have different versions than those installed on this machine". How can i get the installer to include all nessesary files? I'm a beginner, don't really know what im up against.


  • When I registered the DAO360.dll using RegSvr32.exe the problem went away on a specific computer, might be the solution. Don't know why the VSInstaller wouldn't take care of this but, as i said - I don't know what im doing.

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