Help, with DMA - ATA

Hello i'm juan, and i'm 14.

I need to do a programm that Writes/Reads To/From the Hard Disk.
I got some infromation about DMA Transfer and ATA, but i have no idea on how to implement it,
can somebody give me examples?.....with comments if it is possible.

Or tell me, how to get the Hard Disk's memory adress (or the primary device memory adress), to use it with DMA?

Why don't i just use interrupts?

Because i'm trying to develop a small operation system, and i haven't got the information i need......It's a project just to get to know more about the computer, and do something iteresting.

another question:

can i write/read to/from a floppy, or CD (Able to write), with DMA, or ATA???

===I need all the information you can give me===

I hope you can help me!!!

Bye Bye

PS: sorry or my english, it's not my native language.


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