how to make apps autostart

anyone here who knows how to make my application
start automatically when windows starts?


  • A couple things you can do..

    There are some simple ways to add information to the start menu or other places in windows. This is fine for a simple small use app.

    If your app is mission critical, or a commercial app. Probably the best thing to do is to make the program a windows service, instead of a application. If you made it a service you would need to make sure your app is seperated in layers... IE. you UI would still be an applicaiton, however all your processing would be in a logic/business object layer which would run when service starts, and would not require the UI to be open to run. Make sense?

  • i got your point. what if i just want my app to autorun as is without changing it to a windows service? is there a function in .net which allows me to do that or i'll just have to manually write keys to the registry?

  • Yeah, you can put it in an installer application if you are using one, or do it manually.

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