Problem with C++BuilderX

Can anybody help me to fix this thing. I am trying to use Borland C++BuilderX V1.0 to run a program called application1. But every time, when I trying to click the "Run Project" button, I also get a message saying " Application1.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." The message you normally get from windowsXP when your application crashes.

Then I tried the debugger, it too doesn't start but instead, I get warning message:"Windows - Application error
The application failed to initialise properly (0xc000007b). click on ok to terminate the application." Even the most simple program like:


int main()
printf("Hello World");
return 0;

couldn't start. Can anybody tell me how I fix this?


  • I guess that you stared a windows application (VCL or CLX or Win32 API) and ruthlessly (;-)) deleted the automatically generated C++ BuilderX code and replaced it with you example. In those types of applications, 'main' in NOT the main entry point.

    If you want to work in a console application (==in which the type of program you submitted will work), do 'Project | New | Other | Console Wizard' and check 'C++' and uncheck 'VCL', 'CLX'.

    If you DO want to work under this environment, put a TButton on the TForm, double-click it (to get in the OnCLick function) and put the code 'ShowMessage("Hello world");' there. Stick to this automatically generated environment (unless good (only at expert level) reason to do not so).

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