Ive returned to the web...

i've forgot about HTML, the first language i learned...as i lauched to the deep on C, even longing to go near the deep system(I will!)

But i looked back here, to web designing, something i sadly now loathe!
Never hitherto hast mine javascript worked! Thus i strayed from the light of web-design...into the darkness of true programming.

But ho! Hither am I! I have posted a thread on web developing again!!!

Okay enough with the old english and stuff, ill get down to business.

with menus and stuff, its all javascripting and css right? Someone point me in the right direction so i can start again.

Thats it. Thanx.



  • Nowadays you don't need to learn how to make javascript menu's. You can just search for those menu scripts in websites like: http://www.hotscripts.com or something.

    If you want to learn how to use css you can go to this website: http://www.w3schools.com and click on the "Learn CSS".

    Hope this helps you a bit. I've been pratising CSS for a while now and think it's great so if you have a problem just ask.


  • cool! I wondered how they do that...

    but i was really asking about pull down...well sort of menus, the ones you click and a list of other links come down? you know...

    Thanx again...

    HTML still makes my heart quivel...
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    ohhh i guess u mean this

    tel aviv

    remember - its must be inside here.

    here is an example of forms i made when i learned all this stuff.....


    tel aviv



  • I'm not asking on forms...

    See, like you would move you cursor over(probably a onmouseover thing)i think a table cell and it would expand sort of.

    Here go to http://www.cdw.com and move your mouse over the menus that say hardware and stuff and see the drop down menus. Sort of like that.

    Im thinking we write the menus (table cells) to the page onmouseover via javascript. and onblur we...erase? see! thats what got me confused

    Thanx though, dolev,realy!

  • well - i made small research about it.
    and i wrote an example:


    function insert()
    var el = document.createElement("LI");
    el.innerText="first menu";


    • open menu

    the problem here is that i havent found how to delete it back to how it was.

    i keep checking but at least you will have this first.

    if you want to do it with image before the first item of the menu.
    make an empty menu below the image. empty menu is invisible.
    onmouse over on the image add item to the menu.

    ill keep checking it to find how to delete back the items.

    hope i helped this time....


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