I need help with an ATM program!!!



  • : I just don't understand how to store users details to file and keep adding to this file as more and more accounts are created, if you know what i mean.

    I must not understand. The program that I just posted does exactly this. It doesn't look for a record that is already there, but does allow for records to be added. Just run it a few times and you'll see. Each time you run it and add a name, it adds it to the end of the other names after displaying the ones that already exist. This could be easily modified to alphabetize them or check to see if the record already exists.

    The only thing with storing records to file is that you can't change what info is stored to file after the file is started. so if you are going to need more than just name & pin (such as balance, etc), you need to take that into account now or build in an automatic data updater that uses File Versions.

    Phat Nat

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