How to Dual boot WIN2000 and Linux REDhat 7.0

Hello . i Install win2000 first and then i install Linux Red Hat 7.0 now i want when the system boot, System should ask what Operating system you want to Start and with also i want to mount the FAT32 and NTFS drives



  • You need a boot loader to do this job. GRUB which comes with REDHAT is a nice loader. The easiest method to install GRUB is during the installation of RedHat. But You've installed so you have to install grub mannually using the redhat bootdist and go to command mode. Specific details about GRUB could be found in it's howto.

    To mount FAT32 and NTFS you will use mount command. Two methods are there to mount. One is logical mount in which you've to always mount both drives wheneve linux starts. the second method is to physically mount it and don't need to mount every time system start. To physically mount the drives you would have make some additions in FSTAB file /etc/fstab. (check the details i don't exactly remember). To simply mount follow the command. Suppose your FAT32 drive is at location hda3 than, create a directory you want to see the contents of FAT32. suppose that is /home/xyz/win32. the command will be
    mount -l /dev/hda3 /home/xyz/win32.
    again check the man of mount.

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