Installing PHP, MySQL and Apache on Win XP machine


I have two workstations, one is a meditower and one is a laptop. The meditower has Apache2 MySQL4.1 and PHP5 running and works perfectly fine. I installed the same software on the Laptop and it won't work.

When starting the apache service I get an alertb0ox telling me:

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './extphp_mysql.dll' - Kan opgegeven module niet vinden

("Kan opgegeven module niet vinden" means: cannot find specified module.)

I tried changing / into and changing / into but this didn't make any difference. It shouldn't because I use the same php.ini on the meditower and there it works fine...

I remember I did something in SQL once to get MySQL 4.1 running with PHP on the meditower. I changed the password type to OLDPASS or something, but I didn't write it down and I can't seem to find out anymore what it was exactly I did. Can anyone tell me if this should be the problem and how I can correct it ? I allready renstalled all applications several times but that didn't matter...

Hope someone can help me out here, I'm going slightly mad... hust very slightly mad... like Freddy Mercery would say...

kind regards,

the Netherlands...


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