Software Designer required: HIGH POTENTIAL music Project

Hi All

This may sound highly unorthodox, however, i reckon there may be someone out there willing to do the job i'm asking for in return for a share in the company. So, you can see i'm talking to the enterprising guys and gals out there wishing to gamble some of their time in exchange for a bigger reward in the future.

Ok, enough rambling, here's the project (and please don't take this the wrong way, i have a lot of respect for coders, just not much money!?!:

My name is John Rooney and we are currently developing a new hardware 'Control Surface' for audio / music production software such as Logic, Pro Tools. It is similar in functionality to the Mackie Control (see except with the potential for huge ramifications within the industry; although i cannot disclose the concepts at this time.

The hardware unit, Visaya, will essentially function as a 'dumb terminal' sending and recieving our proprietary protocol. The software (that you design) will provide all the functionality by converting this protocol into a variety of well-known protocols (that are documented) and the generic ones (i.e. midi and keyboard shortcuts). It will also require a GUI so that the user can configure its functionality.


My company is a very small enterprise based in London, UK and have released other related products in the industry to great acclaim. This project we're currently working on will seriously impact the pro audio industry. It's been backed by substantial government grants (due to its innovative nature and high commercial potential) which was spent on the electronics and mechanical engineering, and some private investors. I will, of course, disclose all the neceesary details to the right person, I just can't do it publicly.

Basically, if you're up for it and you're into music production etc. then this could be right up your street. Please remember that our budget has now run very low, but you'll be getting a cut of the company (which will be worth a LOT more in the future) and a bit of beer money (or coffee, whatever takes your fancy). Like i said at the start, its unortodox, but. so are the majority of real oppurtunities.



  • Dear Mr.John,
    Iam interested in project, hope Iam not too late.I hev done some proects dealing with real time playback and recording.Is the position still vacant.



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