Inputting info into internet explorer

Hi all,

When you log onto a website that requires a username and a password, i would like to be able to input those details via the click of a button.

I have so far got delphi to open the correct page (using the SHELLEXECUTE(handle, 'open', WEB ADDRESS', 'nil', nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL); command), but i would like the username and password (password is preferable as this site does not require a username) to also be input.

Is this possible?

Many thanks, in advance, Stuart


  • look at the HTML code of the page, and search for the FORM were to input those values.

    the INPUT boxes have a name, for example:

    maybe you can use those names as an argument of the URL, example:"something"&password="something"

    its gonna be a little harder if there is encryption of the password, but this is a start...
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