is it easy to code in sql ?

is it easy to code in sql ?
Jakob Mall


  • : is it easy to code in sql ?
    Doing the easy things in SQL is easy. Doing the harder things in SQL is harder. Most of the things I want to do with SQL (storing stuff in tables, updating, deleting, querying) isn't too hard at all. If you want to learn SQL, there's a good online course here:-

    If you can handle a programming language, you can certainly handle SQL.


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  • : is it easy to code in sql ?

    Technically one does not "code" in SQL. SQL just retreives data from a database. Depending on what data you need, how you need it, and how it is stored SQL ranges from exceptionally easy to literally impossible. There are times when you must use a procedural language to fill in the gaps or extend SQL's abilities.

    It helps if you have some idea of set theory and relational database theory.


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