Creating Partitions

How to create a disk partitions in windows 98 and XP?


  • Windows 98 and XP have totally different ways of creating partitions.

    Windows 98:
    If you already have 98 installed, you will be unable to create partitions unless you have un-partitioned space, partition magic, and/or partitions you are willing to delete.

    1. Starting with a blank hard drive, put a Windows 98 boot floppy in the floppy drive, and elect to start the computer without CD-ROM support.

    2. At the A: prompt, type "fdisk"

    3. Hit 'y' to enable large disk support.

    From here, you should be able to tell what to do by reading the screen.

  • : How to create a disk partitions in windows 98 and XP?

    Try to use PartitionMagic! In Windows 98, you can use FDISK.EXE in addition of PartitionMagic, but FDISK.EXE is more difficult to use.
  • Magic Server Partition Manager-Partition Wizard can tech you step by step about creating partitions:
    First select the segment of free space you would like to create a partition on by clicking on an Unallocated space in the main interface. Then there are three ways to initiate the Create Partition function.
    1. Click Partitions in the top menu
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