NEED PHP & Style Sheets Expert

This is a paying gig. Its nothing real big. I need help setting up a "template" for a website I am doing. I also need to be taught how to manipulate the "template" for my needs. This needs to be done using style sheets.
We also need someone who is excellent at PHP for a different site.

First qualified and "hungry" person to contact me, gets the job. So make it fast.

- Must have a decent portfolio.
- Must Have a GREAT personality (we are in low to mid 20's)
- Must be available to work when needed.
- Must have AOL Instant Messenger
this is a FREE service so please download it if you do not have it. You can get it at My screen name is "eFutureMedia" please contact me ASAP.

Do you live at your computer? Are you online 70% of the day like us? Well you are probably perfect for this job.

If you are awsome wiht style sheets and dont know PHP or you are awsome with PHP and dont know style sheets thats fine... we can split this up between two people.



  • Hi,

    I'd like to know more about this job of yours. I'm an experienced PHP programmer and I use stylesheets all the time. My website is HTML en CSS aproved by W3C company.

    Can you give me some more info about the things you want me to do. What does it pay and when does it need te be done.
    Can I work from my home, because I'm situated in the Netherlands so travelling migth be a little expensive ;).

    If you want to check out my website, its: . It's all in dutch, I'm sorry for that, but the tekst and tables with data are generated from a database. I've created a CMS for my webpage to make this go easier.

    I'd like to hear from. CU.

    My e-mail address is: or whatever you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

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