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Hello! I am new to php and I am having a hard time installing it. I am following the direction given to me on and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I am using windows xp.

I'll be glad if someone helped me. Thanks.


  • hi, what's your Operating system? and what server are you going to use??
    NOTE: you can use only php fine on your system but you will need a server. Like Apache or IIS,, if you are using Win98 forget about Apache and try IIS,,
    installing the PHP is a piece of cake, but still you will need to modify the php.ini file,, depends on your OS..
    you will have to modify where the root is.. your local domain and it means that you must have a server installed on your machine,,
    in case you are using the IIS then it's gonna be wwwroot in the Inetpub folder..
    you will have to modify the followings:
    1- extensions_dir,redirect it to where the extensions folder exists, it's gonna be in your php dir.
    2- browscap and it depends on your os.
    3- CGI.force_redirect=1 ,, modify it to 0
    well hope I helped you some


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