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According to my project... I am currently building up a home build simulator cockpit. (Flight simulator to be exact) What I want to do is develop some game-type programming by creating some type of aircraft instument gauges, moving map, and etc. And be able to learn how to have them display at windowless (Full screen) on each seprate monitors. I would also be able to learn how to code in the program to work with links from client to next client or from client to server/server to client.
So the primary target for now is to create some type of aircraft instrument parts, but I have not gone there yet because I would need to collect information that has an explaination for beginers, such as Learning how to do programming by using activeX or com components, Maybe a guideline to get free additional objects tools and design it at my preference, maybe some explaination on how I could learn how to use codes.
So, Would anyone know any reference/sources/ or webpage that has the BEST explaination for ActiveX beginers. If so PLEASE LET ME KNOW... I am about to pull my hair with all of stress from the hard searching that I have been doing it for almost a week now.


  • Hi,

    You need Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 and DirextX (latest version) and try to get the following book to understand the basics of game programming with DirectX.

    DirextX 7.0. ISBN 90 395 1491 1 >Publisher:Accademic Services,written by Robert Dunlop, Dale Shepherd and Mark Martin.

    This is a very practical book with simple steps to configure your workspace (Visual Studio C++ 6.0 )for the use of DirectX. It's about how your video system works, and how to control it, it gives you the information about DirectX and her components ( DirectDraw, DirectSound,DirectInput(ForceFeedback),DirectShow,DirectAnimation)and teaches you how to write a game loop.

    With friendly greatings,

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