Looking for PHP coder

Just like to say hi and all that good stuff. Im having a headache of a time trying to configure something for a Clan website on a game I play. Since its a game you must play very long at to keep the top 10 positions i was wondering if some1 out there was bored and wished to help out a complete php noob. I can code html np simple basic etc etc, but php seems to elude me. I headed off to hotscripts in hopes to find some cool clan management systems luckily i did most of them are coded in php and asp. I have my own hosting these are the stats

Diskspace: 5,000mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 50,000mb
MySQL Databases: unlimited
Subdomains: unlimited
POP3 Accounts: unlimited
FTP Accounts: unlimited
Mailing Lists: unlimited

its a pre-built script that only need some customization that i dont understand this will take 10-15mins for anyone that understands php/asp PLEASE PLEASE help me lol

you can contact me here Crownedsoldiers@hotmail.com the help is much appreciated


  • If you wanna hire one of us as a one-time consultant thats fine.. but you wont find much who have the energy to just help someone with such a task ;)
    [b][blue]Snoochie Boochies[/blue][/b]

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