How would i loop a statment like this ?

ok i have a line of coding that is in a program of mine that read a line off a text file and then does a whole bunch of crap with it.... now my problem is I have absolutely nbo clue how to loop this to read every line of coding and then stop and the end of file. heres a snippett of the code im using.
ifstream contents ("q2.txt");
ofstream examplefile ("example.txt");
contents.getline (currentline,59);
any help would be very appreciated...
thanks in advance=)
[code]If Userclue > 0 then
msgbox("Woohoo that Makes one")
end if[/code]
So... How long do you think you'll be waiting?


  • [code=ffffff]
    [color=000000][b]while[/b][/color] (contents.getline(currentline, [color=bb0000]59[/color])) {
    [color=80a0b0][italic]// do a "whole bunch of crap"[/italic][/color]

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