minimizing of ( hiding )other running windows applications


I want a program which when run, hides all the rest of the running applications on the taskbar. or i might want to check something like - If some application is mazimized, then minimize it or hide it or .. something like that.

in google i found, For example, there is a program - " Hide-It " which has a similar functionality, but the code seems to be in MFC.

I really want to develop a similar one in C#. any help is highly appreciated... or any links or some help.

thanks in advance


  • If you already have code written in MFC, you could try creating a COM component out of it.
    Then later-on, you can consume this component from your C# application.

    If you want the whole code to be in C#, then you will have to wait for a few days (i'll write it and post it).

    Alternatively, you can try looking up System.Widows.Forms.FindForm or something of that sort. i dont remember exactly. Once you get a handle of the form, you can always minimize/maximize or close it.

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