Team solving algorithm

Hi, my name is Jaime and I need an algorithm for solving a problem with a volleyball tournoment. The thing is this, I have around 150 to 175 teams,every team has to play 8 games with other different teams, the other teams cannot be repeated(This is the problem) since the teams cannot be reapeated for each 8 teams there is going to be one team that is going only to play 7 games, and there is the problem I need to solve... I will apreciate all the elp you can bring... Thank you...


  • can u explain the problem properly
  • Jamie,
    You really can't do it without introducing a "bye" week for a team. Your dealing with integers only. I would suggest having the last seasons leader be afforded the opprotunity. The same issue is addressed with Pool leagues in my area. They have the problem of never knowing how many teams will be playing from season to season.
    They solved the ranking issue by simply keeping that teams rank the same during the week.
    I'd also suggest putting this bye week at the very first week. This way, all teams play throughout the entire season and the previous seasons leader get a bonus week as well as gets to come in as the number one seed the following week.
    If your counting simply wins vs. losses, this leader gets a win. If your counting accumulated points, you average them over the number of weeks played. Very simple.
  • hi,
    in turkey we had such an hw
    use prolog
    or lisp
    this will be easier

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