Com Ports and Assembler

hello.....i've recently begun coding using Pascal...and can someone tell me

what the built in assembler is and what are it's uses? the second question

what are Com Ports and what can i do with them

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  • It is a fact, that the Pascal-Language isnt very fast. So if you need the maximum power, you processor can give you - use assembler.

    (or if you need some int-calls)

    With the inline assembler, you can comfortably include assembler-programms in your pascal program.

    like: (turn mouse-cursor on)


    mov ax,1

    int 33h


    but if you just started in pascal, forget asm

    for a few month....:)

  • What can i do with com-ports:

    this is a funny question. you could also ask:

    "what can i do with the keyboard-connector?"

    a COM-port connects your pc with other devices, like mouse, modem, track-ball, etc...

    you can build yourself some circuits and connect them to the com-ports to controll, lights, motors, etc... (like i do - for this pascal is just perfect!)

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