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I've four dropdown and all should be disabled while the page is loading to prevent select in other list until the page is completly loaded.

The reazon is, the fist is a list of Regions, depend on the selection, the second list is filled with a countries, and depend on the selection, the third list is filled with a states, if the users selected your option correctly there is no problem, but if need to change the region, while the page is loading, (and the user don't give time to breathe) the countries and states contains the oldest items.

I was tried in onload event, in tags, after tag, after , after tags, to enable. But ever enable before is completly loaded.

please, es very important. if you can write directly to namorales@hotmail.com

PD: sorry for my english but I speak, write, think, eat in spanish.


  • To disable a form element, set its disabled property to true.
  • : To disable a form element, set its disabled property to true.
    thanks friend, I do, but need to do while is loading and set enable just when the page load is finished.

    I tried disabling in a unload event, and no enable it, here can't test because is to fast the refreshing, my users whill be test it.

    Thanks any way, if have any other idea, will apreciate.

  • I'm not sure, but I think some browsers support the disabled attribute in the tag, so you could do and then undisable it onload, or you could make the form display:none (or visibility:invisible) and then change that to block/visible onload.
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