Hey nothing about Autocad VBA code examples there?

Hey anybody know some place where we can find VBA for Autocad?

Tanks a lot.


  • Victor,

    Unfortunately I don't know of a central location for you. Cadalyst (www.cadonline.com) has a "Help Wanted" section, I believe, as does Ralph Grabowski's eZine (which URL escapes me). You should be able to post there or find a buncha who knows what. You might also try searching/posting on the AutoCAD and VB newsgroups, as well as the various AutoCAD user groups.

    regarding the winapi:

    If you mean where do they hang out (win32api), did you ask that question? can't remember, but anyways..., try the Microsoft newsgroups, www.devx.com, www.codeguru.com. If you mean where to find out info on Windows APIs, try the above plus msdn.microsoft.com.

    the VB reference:

    The authoritative reference is the VB online help. Just put your cursor in any VB keyword or method (such as LString or Loop) and press F1. The other "official" place is MSDN: msdn.microsoft.com.

    also try Mr. Michael Hunter at Humbug Reality



    VB and VBA sites may have some good crossovers.

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