Need help from experienced people!!!

Hi, my name is Rod and I wanna make a 3D weapon based fighting game, kind of like a misture between "MACE:The Dark Age" and "Soul Calibur".
I download the Irlich(or something like that) engine thinking that it would help me start my characters and stages but it was just a it didn't allow me to do anything. I would like to ask you guys if you know of any FREE 3D fighting engine I could download to make my game...I know that to make a game alone and without a team may take a LONG time but it is one of my I already have all of the non-computer based stuff (characters/story/bio's/char. appearance/powers, etc) I know the real work starts in programming and modeling but it's a start. I am not much of a programmer my self but I plan to learn from some tutorials and move from there. So if you know of any FREE software that would help me in my project please tell me.Thanks for you time...


  • Free game engines aren't usually easy to use. But a good one is Ogre, totally free and powerful.

    New to C++ game coding?'s user-friendly C++ game engine!

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