However I am still in high school, and I do not want to wait that long to learn. Please help me out.
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  • Wow, I remember being in your position back in middle school. Old computers really help, like my 486 w/DOS 6.22. DOS is not hard at all, I just recommend getting a "sacrificial" computer (old, too) that will be yours. After learning how to use the DOS interface, I went into Pascal then into x86 assembly when I wanted more power. I kind of deviated from the "norm" by learning ASM rather than some HLL. I'm glad now because I have a much greater understanding of computers than anyone living around these parts.

    Google and other search engines (e.g. IxQuick) are your friends. Learn how to search with them using boolean operators and all before anything else rather than doing "quick" searches. My advice is to read all you can, you will both love it and realize how much more you don't know which in turn drives you more. Using sites with obvious names is helpful, like use http://www.dictionary.com/ if you need a dictionary. I personally keep lists of links in text files. Organize them as well as you possibly can and don't slip, it will make it all that much easier. I can not stress how important it is to read and how much you must do it, in fact I remember authors of text files relaying this same message to me those many years ago. Get ready for learning curves, and large ones. Read, read, and read all you can get your hands on. Something else is not to be cocky or arrogant. I know some know-it-alls that know quite little in comparison to me yet they are annoying as hell with their self-praise such as "I'm a self-proclaimed genius!". Ugh, don't ever be like that. I hope you're not a wannabe hacker, although virii sources really help when learning assembly language. IMO, it's much easier than French. ;-) Anyway, I gotta go. Have fun learning! I hope I'm not discouraging you by scaring you, it can actually be quite exciting.
  • Thanks for your advice. You know, I'm writing programs now. Do you write in C++?

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  • Oh, ok. I usually write in assembly because I'm a speed/size freak and I love such challenges. I feel that having programs be smaller and faster is great for the user. I'm very rusty in C++, but sometime this year I expect to refresh my memory.
  • Cool. I'm learning it. I've never learned anything else, but I find programming to be exciting.
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  • Quite OT, but do you happen to be into other sciences such as chemistry or physics?
  • : Quite OT, but do you happen to be into other sciences such as chemistry or physics?

    i think phsics is really cool but ive never taken the class. i take it next year.

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