Picture Box does not keep the jpg image given to it.

I am brand new in this field, and try to learn this language. I coded clipper 20 years ago but was the last 10 years in sales. Since the kids are grown up i need something to do.
But now i startet with a little project where i wanted to put a jpg picture in a picture box, and in design mode it is there, but when i go to source code and back to design mode the picture is gone. I am quite sure it is astupid question, but every beginning is hard.

I am using SharpDevelop version 0.97 build 1.1
I tried to put the picture in the directory of the project, and it did not help either. So i someone has the nerv to discuss those little beginner things, i would be greatful.


  • Hi Chris

    No problems man. I want to help as much as I can.
    Tell me first what kind of project we looking at?
    Is it a web app or windows app?

  • As i said i am totally new starting. (Sorry for my mistakes in english, but i am from austria). I loaded the ide down and just tried to start. I loaded .net v1.1 down and could install the ide. So the idea was to start with a more simpler? project. My wife does in hand reading (kinesiologie) and i thought this could be a nice project.
    As i see it:
    Screen 1 = A couple different pictures of hands (characterisic hands like long, short, thick, bony and so on. Then a checkbox to each hand to select the hand.
    In the background there is a database or a big string variable adding all the characteristic descriptions of this hand.
    So next screen could be maybe the life line. Again acouple pictures of different shapes of the life line and checkboxes to select the right one. And again the describing text screen will add the next characteristics to the text.And then next screen and so. And at the end there should be a long text which describes the hand and the characteristics of the hand.

    And since i thought there is not so much mathematical stuff in the project but more comparing it could be a easier project.

    And i learn the most by reading other source code, so i wanted the ide to generate the screens and put all the boxes and pictures so i can find out by reading the generated text how this c# works.

    But as i said, if i put to the picture area the jpg information it is there, but as soon as i go to source code and back to the design mode, the information is gone and the picture fields are empty. and when i go to source code, i never find a line somehow describing where the picture is at and how it is named.

    But maybe i have even more problems with the ide, since i loaded down a sample source codes from the programmers heaven site, but i never get it running, like there would be something missing what we called at clipper the "make" file, describing what all has to be linked and compiled. Somehow i cannot get started, i am not able to do the first steps.

    The project should be a simple pc based programm running on normal windows based pc. I am working on a XP prof pc.

    Now i hope i described enough so you could be able to help me getting started. I know it must be boaring for a pro to deals with such stupid things, but i thank you anyways.

    Best regards


  • Hi Chris.

    What IDE are you using?

  • As said in my first message:

    I am using SharpDevelop version 0.97 build 1.1.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for your interest.
    I am slowly reading me trough the book C#for dummy, and yes, its a little bit totally different from clipper summer 87.


  • [b][red]This message was edited by Brutes at 2003-10-28 1:9:55[/red][/b][hr]
    Hi Chris.

    I see there is a new build out.

    I am downloading the 0.98 build so maybe you want to download it to.
    I will then check to see if I get the same problem.


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