Getting LDAP Retrievals

I am accessing an LDAP server and I am only getting one property back, the adspath property, when I have requested three other properties (the adspath is added to the property list by default). Not sure what I am doing wrong. Here is a snipit of the code:

public void StartSearch(){
DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://, ou=Company Name, o=company, c=us");
DirectorySearcher searcher = new DirectorySearcher(entry);
searcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;
searcher.ServerTimeLimit = new TimeSpan(8000);
searcher.PropertyNamesOnly = true;
searcher.Filter ="(personID=14143126)";
SearchResultCollection queryResults = searcher.FindAll();
foreach(SearchResult result in queryResults){
ResultPropertyCollection rpc = result.Properties;
foreach(string colName in rpc.PropertyNames){
foreach(object values in rpc[colName]){
Console.WriteLine(values + "
catch(Exception e){Console.WriteLine(e.Message + "

" + e.ToString());}
I am only getting one values object back, it is the "adspath" that is the path of the LDAP with answers to the ??= as seen in the path. It shows that I have four properties and four PropertiesToLoad.

What have I forgotten to do?

Thank you.


  • I discovered that the code
    searcher.PropertyNamesOnly = true;
    needed to be
    searcher.PropertyNamesOnly = false;

    My next issue is that the LDAP server is sending me a System.NotImplementedException exception with the message of "Handling of this ADSVALUE type is not yet implemented (type = 0xb)."

    Anyone seen this before?
  • I have a question on LDAP.
    Here is the scenario: I am logged on to Top domain and the server that the web application is running on in on a SecondLevel domain (subtree).
    I access the web application a workstation and the application uses Global Catalog (DirectoryEntry("GC//")) to get my information from Active Directory. I can't seem to get any information back. I get a message that the server is not operational.

    Could you shed some light on what is going on?

  • I was getting that message when my path was not set right. It could not find the server. What about authenticating yourself? Have you tried that?

    Hope this is helpful.
  • : I was getting that message when my path was not set right. It could not find the server. What about authenticating yourself? Have you tried that?
    : Hope this is helpful.

    How do I authenticate myself?
    Also....Can I search a different domain from the one I have my account in? if so, How?

  • In this code:

    Are you positive that those three values exist in AD? I am not familar with them, though I am also not an AD guru though I have done quite a bit of work with AD, through ADSI.

    Also the following line of code..
    searcher.PropertyNamesOnly = true
    [/code]will only return a property if it has a set value in it, this may be why you are only getting ADSPath returned.

    [size=3][italic]Eric Maino[/italic][/size]
    [b][blue]GVSU[/blue] Microsoft SA[/b]

  • : [code]
    : searcher.PropertiesToLoad.Add("freeFormName");
    : searcher.PropertiesToLoad.Add("title");
    : searcher.PropertiesToLoad.Add("personID");
    : [/code]
    These properties are user defined. They are not supported. I have been told that I must go after the native APIs. I am confused as to why and how.
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