lcrash ???

anyone here knows how to use lcrash to examine a core dump.

Mainly I have a core dump from lkcd. One of my modules crashed the system, I can do a 'bt' to get the stack trace of the task is caused the dump but now do I example the stack more closely to see exactly what caused the dump, i.e. looking at the local variables inside the function that caused the dump...

thanks in advance for your help.


  • I've been searching everywhere... I don't know its even possible to look at local function (frame) data.

    I've tried "crash" too. If anyone knows how to use crash to analyse local frame variables please let me know. For some reason I can't even get the "dis -l" command to work properly for crash. Its suppose to display the line numbers along with the dis code but it keeps giving me "line numbers are not available". I'm sure I'm missing some thing, but don't quite know what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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