Text box question.

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Is there anyway for me to make a scroll box, of my choice size wise, that will contain text? I have an image that I plan on using for a background and it pretty much defines the site. I placed this image in a 1 x 1 table as the background and then placed another table 1 row 2 columns the left colum for text and the right for a video file. now i have a lot of text and when i put it in the left column it strecthes my orginal table too big. back to my original question - is there a way for me to make a scorll box to encompass the text?

edit: im using dreamweaver mx


  • ok i figured it out, for all who care. i used and tag. it was pretty weird because im used to visually designing and in dreamweaver you couldnt see the iframe in action until you tested your page. came out great anyway.
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