JSP Database Question?


I'm fairly new to JSP and have a task at hand. I'm an ASP programmer that connects to my databases using ADO, and I need to change an application I have to JSP which I am unfamiliar with.

Here is my situation:

Have a postgres database that contains 2 tables, one is a date table with about 100 dates in it, the other is a table to collect a persons name, etc for a particular date.

heres my question:

how do i, in a jsp page, connect to this database, retreive the dates from the dates table and place them in a listbox on my web page. using asp, i use a databound control and physically connect, how do i accomplish this in JSP and what data technology does it use?

thank you in advance for any help. ;)


  • My first question is, do you have any experience with JSP, because you have to know how it works before you can start using it. If you really want to learn it I recommend the "JavaServer Pages" book from O'Reilly.

    I used to get to know JSP and I must say that it really helped me.
    It is not a book that you can use to learn it but when you get through the first 200 pages it gets hard.
    After that it works really good as a reference to all sorts of tags etc etc.

    If you don't want to take the time to learn JSP in total, you can use the following tutorials:
    http://www.jspinsider.com/articles/jsp/intrototags.view (learnign to use JSP tags)

    I'll give you one more tip, use JSP tags. They are the one of the things that makes JSP so great. I can assure you when you start using tags, you won't just hard code anymore in JSP.

    Hope I helped you enouph, if you have any troubles just contact me.


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