should i install linux, and where from?

I've got windows 98....

it sometimes decided to close itself down... whch is annoying, and i wondered if linux is better..

but i haven't learnt to program yet.. so i want to know if i can still use it withour knowing that.. and if it's easy to use for someone who isn't very experienced with computers....

and also can i just download it free or do i need to buy it soemwhere...?

thanks for any help!


  • welp, you can download it if you have the bandwidth and time or you could buy it on CD.

    Since you seem to have a email addy I will assume your in the UK. (right?)

    click on the link for a selection of distros on CD.

    Here is a little rant about a couple of them..

    Slackware (;

    nice, not as many 'setup' programs as Redhat, possibly a good selection for after you have learnt Linux a bit.

    Redhat (;

    fairly easy to use and setup, less programs in the default install (you don't get splitvt, seejpeg, etc like Slack). Only one let down, many programs which are just in a .c and don't have a ./configure will not compile without editing the source..

    Debian (;

    Supposed to be really nice, I haven't actually installed it, supposed to also have a nice install process.

    There are various other ones such as ka0s Linux, Caldera Open Linux etc.

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