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I have been programming for about 2 months now...Everything I have done is on DOS, i need to learn how to use Windows functions and all those damn directories Every source file i download has atleast one <.h> file i dont have, or simply not finding any that are compatible with my MS VS 6.0
I know rought "nothing" about using windows ANY info would be very much appreciated, or just links and/or programs i can run on my compiler

big thanx in advance..........


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    Building Windows (Win32 API) applications is quite different from ordinary DOS programming even if you use the same language (like C/C++), and I will recommend that you buy a book (like Petzold's "Programming Windows") about the subject and learn it from scratch.

    To give you a little feel about how a Windows C program looks like, this is the Windows equivalent to C&R's "Hello, World!":

    INT WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR szCmdLine, INT nShowCmd )
    MessageBox( NULL, TEXT( "Hello, World!" ), TEXT( "The Hello World Program" ), MB_OK );

    return 0;
    As you can see, even though this is actually written i C, it doesn't look like a normal ANSI-C program ;)

    As for the header files, some compilers are distributed with non-standard ANSI-C files which will explain why some of the programs you are downloading will not compile using VS if they are created by someone that uses Borland, for example.

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