FOR SALE -> HITACHI Programmable Relay Model C-40A

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HITACHI Programmable Relay Model C-40A
Picture @->;
I got this from Uni, Ive been told it works but i havn't been brave enough to turn it on because the power cable has to be manualy conected and im not playing with mains power after my last bash hehe.
Selling for:
$50(AU) or nearest offer
COD/Cheque/Direct Bank Money Transfer only and only if you live in Victoria, Australia.
Contact me directly via email here or leave a reaply, send queries to an dif your in melbourne call me via mobile on 0416 029 852

I may consider selling this to people outside of Victoria but your gona have to pay for shipping and this thing weighs a few kilos!

Hope to hear from someone


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