do you need a seperate .java file when you are writing jsp

I'm doing a 4th year project in college, and I haven't a clue about JSP, and when people say connect to the databse and connect to servers, mine does diddly squat (that mean nothing, I'm Irish!) I just happen to have found a bit of code, but I've never heard of the java code being embedded, but it looks like it is?! If anyone has the patience of a saint, please reply!


  • No you don't need a separate .java file. You just include the java code in the file itself.
    You start with this "<%" and start typing java and end with the "%>" when you don't want anymore java code. Like this:




    Don't worry about JSP, it is very easy to learn. I've learnt it in less than a week (but i was already formiliar with Java).


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