how to call a function from another frame

is it possible to call a function that belongs to another frame?
if is, how?
if it isn't, any alternatives?

thanks alot


  • why do you want to do so? just include the script file in every file using - I guess this is better

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary

  • it's the harder way and not very suitable. Often there must be made call to other frame for some kind of action in your web page (even this is a intranet application).
    So the method are well known and not very difficult to understand. Here are my suggestion:

    parent.Frame_name.func_name([arguments list]);

    where: 1)Frame_name is the frame name in the frameset
    2)func_name is the name of the function.
    That's way for invoke function or use any other global variables may used in any frame on your applications.

    that's all folks!!!

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