run a servlet using servletrunner

I'm having a problem in running a servlet using servletrunner.exe
I'm using jdk1.3 and jsdk2.0 and written a simple servlet called I was able to compile this servlet successfully but i can't run it from DOS prompt
My installation path for jdk1.3 is C:jdk1.3 and for jsdk2.0 is C:jsdk2.0
It seems that this problem is with my Path and Classpath settings,so i tried to set it by editting my autoexec.bat.
Following are the entries for path and classpath in my autoexec.bat
SET PATH=C:jsdk2.0in;%PATH%
SET PATH=C:jaf-1.0.2activation.jar
SET PATH=C:javamail-1.3mail.jar
SET CLASSPATH=.;C:jdk1.3jrelib

My sample.class file is at C:jsdk2.0examplessample
Now when i goes to DOS prompt and type in the following command

C:jsdk2.0servletrunner C:jsdk2.0examplessample
it gives me error java.exe no file exists

Can anybody help me to run this servlet using servletrunner?


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