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I'm using ASP to upload files to a folder on my server. I also have an asp page that displays the list of uploaded files.

The end result that I want is this, the same folder with uploaded files on my server, but also an Access db with a text list of the files (and other info gathered from my file upload page) that are linked to the actual file in the folder.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  • What is the purpose/functions on this approach?

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  • : What is the purpose/functions on this approach?
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    Greetings Neo,

    I have a database results page that displays all the information (Minus relevant documents) regarding a certain project. I want the results page to also display a list of documents submitted by the customer an have the list as hyperlinks to the actual document.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • You can display the informations of the projects as usual approaches like retrieving project information from the database.

    For the hyperlink of the file, you need to stores all the related files to be downloads to it.

    Do a server map path to the folder itself, then creates the links with the server map path plus the file names, e.g.

    Server.MapPath("C:Downloads Documents")

    List all the links on the page so that the user can downloads those files. Besure to have the appropriate security to control the access of the folders.

    For more information about the server mappath, goto the MSDN libary and do a search, i am sure you will get some information about that.

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