where i can find this HIVE on the registry

i am just started exploring the REGISTRY , pls tell me the hive where i can find the string "START" in start button , thanks , can i directly change the string from registry , thanks u


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    I can tell you where, it's not the Registry, it is instead in the Explorer.exe string table (a mega-array of strings). In order to edit the string, you must:
    1. (Re)Start your system in DOS mode
    2. Backup your Explorer.exe into a directory you can easily get into in DOS mode (short name)
    3. Open Explorer.exe with a binary file editor (even Edit in binary mode will suit our needs)
    4. Search for "S" (case sensitive) until you find one followed by a " t a r t"
    5. Replace the 5 charaters with the string you want (pay attention not to overwrite the spaces between the characters, they are not simple spaces)
    6. Save & reset your system

    Note, you will need a Windows version capable of booting in DOS mode ([b]not[/b] WinNT/2000/XP), because that's the only mode Explorer.exe is writeable.

    [size=3][b][red]DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for whatever this may cause to your computer!!![/red][/b][/size]

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