HELP PLZ~ How to produce 4 random numbers together at one time?

Can anyone tell me how to generate four random numbers at one time, but can not repeat the digits. For example 1234 is allowed, but 1223 is not allowed.
Thank You


  • I think that I can help. First place 4 labels next to eachother, and with no borders so it will look like they are one label. The goto your number generating code and use the following code

    (procedure that does the generating)

    label1.caption = int (rnd * 10)
    label2.caption = int (rnd * 10)
    label3.caption = int (rnd * 10)
    label4.caption = int (rnd * 10)

    if label1.caption = label2.caption or label1.caption =label3.caption_ or label1.caption = label4.caption then label1.caption = int (rnd * 10)

    'Do the same if statement for each label (but remember to change the label numbers accordingly!)

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