How to capture keypresses ?????

Does anyone know how to capture keypresses in Windows e.g. keys pressed in a password box ??? Any help appreciated


  • Well, lots of ways!

    - For password edit boxes, FindWindow() the box and then SendMessage(hWndEdit,EM_SETPASSWORDCHAR, 0L, 0L) to remove the passwordability.

    - This not sure 100% about, cant you send a WM_COPY to an edit box? Then get the content from clipboard. Maybe combined with the point above it will work.

    - Can always use a system wide hook and subclass the window you want, or just wait in WH_KEYBOARD and look for the keyboard strokes, GetForegroundWindow() retrieves the window this kbd message will go to. Note, system wide hooks must reside in a DLL, and use no thread ID but the DLL instance instead, other than that they are like normal hooks.


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