little thing about guestbooks

I've made a guestbook on my own and it works (strange, isn't it?)
but now when I want to see who signed it, I see the first to the last entry, BUT
I'd like to see the latest entry first and the first entry at the last point(because that is the oldest).

Could you give a hint how to do that?


  • Hi,

    You could read every post in the guestbook into an array, then loop backwards from the end of the array to the start of the array. Like this:

    for ($post=($numposts-1); $post>=0; $post--) {
    #Display the'll be in @postsarray[$post]

    Hope this is clear. You need to increment $numposts every time you read another entry in. We do ($numposts-1) as an array has its first element as 0.

    Take care,


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