Project Management Guidelines needed

Hey all,

I have recently decided to document one of my projects with some project management docs. But i have lost all the documentation i had from uni on PM. Does anyone have any, or know of any sources, of PM guidelines and template docs...?




  • There are a number of online resources out there, which help in getting project management guidelines and templates. Browse through the "Seven Fallacies That Delay Project Management Maturity" article by Harold Kerzner. It provides a clear path in understanding the fallacies affecting the maturity of a project management implementation.

    Also, [link=]Microsoft Project Standard 2010[/link] helps in effectively planning, managing & delivering of the project.
  • Project management indeed helps people to get their projects done better, faster and more efficiently. With the proper use of the software that is available today, one can achieve effective planning and delivering of project.

    More options for project management software here:

    It lists down a number of software having a short description of each software to give you an idea of what the software is. You can also see a comparison table where you can see the various features that the software offers. It might help you decide to which project management software is good for you considering your preference of features and of course the prices.

  • Edit: I haven't tried MS Project though so I dont know if that's a good software...
  • I don't like MS Projects. I thisnk the UI nad UX there executed terribly. And I know that some people would say, that it is for advanced users, but it is simply not true. Any interface should be intuitive. We utilize a our firm, and everyone so far is happy with it.

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