Installing ESS modem driver in mandrake 8.1

Hi, i just ran into an article in a magazine that talked about linmodems drivers. Anyway, i have a modem with a ESS56H-PI chipset, i downloaded a compressed file that contained the driver, the contents of this file are:

esscom.o mdminstall

mdminstall is a file that is suposssed to be executed lihke this:

sh mdminstall

It contains:

rmmod esscom >NULL
insmod esscom
rm /dev/essmodem >NULL
mknod /dev/essmodem c 127 1
rm /dev/modem >NULL
ln -s /dev/essmodem /dev/modem

When i do this, in the terminals is shown a message saying that the modeule esscom has not been loades, how do I do that? I apologize for my ignorance but i have tried with no results. Your help is appreciated


  • It or you should also do the following to enable the driver.
    insmod esscom.o

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