PABX , E-programming IC. TELEPHONE EXCHANGE problem

Iam a manufacture of Intercom systems ( switching based) now i am willing to make a small 2+6 exchange means 2 telephone lines in and 6 LInes act as intercom but for that i have no information how to do E-progamming for this circuit.
Can any one please guide me what hardware and software i require to make 2+6 telephone exchange system, and how i start my programming for this.
A step wise guide is needed as i am unable to get information in my city about this.


  • Hi!

    There is a lot for you to do to make this work. One important question is: What country will the PABX be used in? Your answer may change the design and needs drastically.

    Another question: Do you want to use proprietary telephones, or standard analog?


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