C#/.Net Developer Looking for Work

I am currently living in Cincinnati, OH with plans to move to the Phoeniz, AZ area the summer of '02 or sooner if an opportunity presents itself.

Currently I'm volunteering with a MUD gaming company for experience while I pay the bills working at Starbucks. I'm open to just about any coding position I'm qualified for, including entry level, as long as the position will allow me to finally pursue a computer science degree.

I'll paste my resume below.

Kristopher R. Craw
2326 Victor St.
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone: 513-784-0339
Email: yagiska@msn.com

Web Developer


Web developer seeking challenging position with a company where I can use my broad range of expertise. Currently working as a volunteer for DNAiCorp.


I am a fast learning, self-motivated web developer and pride myself on my creativity and perfectionist attitude. I am skilled in a variety of IT technologies and my talents include the ability to learn without direction from others, as well as to communicate in non-technical terms when necessary. I am able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure and thrive in a variety of different environments. I am flexible and versatile, and extremely adept in multi-tasking.

Skills Summary:


ActionScript (Flash 5)


Microsoft Access
SQL Server 2000
Macromedia Flash 5
Macromedia Fireworks 4
Dreamweaver UltraDev 4
Adobe Photoshop


Windows 2000 Server

Employment History:

DNAiCorp New York, NY

Senior Programmer October 2001 Present
Responsibilities include designing and programming underlying gaming systems in C# for an online multi-player text based game. Responsibilities also include mentoring junior programmers and providing education in coding style, design methodology, and C# programming in general. Also responsible for teaching concepts of XML to non-technical staff.

Programmer July 2001 October 2001
Responsibilities included developing underlying gaming systems as well as coding higher-level facets of an online-multi-player text based game in LPC. Responsible for full life-cycle of code, from design to implementation.

YagiSka Web Services South Bend, IN

Owner 2001
Worked as an independent contractor for various area businesses. Ran all aspects of business, from obtaining clients, to design and development of websites. Extensively used skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, DHTML, XML, ActionScript, and Macromedia Software. Experiences include developing dynamic publishing systems in ColdFusion, building Flash applications that leverage XML and sockets to transmit data to external applications, and building unique cross-browser compatible websites.

Available upon request

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