URGENT: tight deadline (shake window from Flash)

Hello, I have the script to make the window shake. I know how to call it from the HTML tag. How can I make the window shake from within Flash? I did open an action in Flash. Then I defined the variable and gave it a value (4). I put the "shake" Java Script command in the same HTML document where I am calling the .swf document. I created the projector but it wouldn't shake. I can make the window shake before the animation, but I want the window to shake while the animation is running. Is this possible? Thanks!!


  • Bit confused as to what your trying to do when you mention creating a 'projector'... but here's how I'd do a JS shake from a flash .swf embedded in a simple html page...

    getURL ("javascript:shake (4);", "_self");

    then make sure the html doc has the corresponding 'shake ()' function defined...

    function shake (myVal) {
    // JS for shake here

    This won't work in Mac IE 4.5 though, as it can't handle communication between browser and objects, be they Flash, Java or whatever. IE 5 and all Netscape (4 and above) will work though. All PC browsers work too.

    However, you mention a projector? I assume you're not trying to call this code from a stand-alone projector... as you can't because the projector isn't ON the page so can't call the function directly. You would have to send the command to shake as a query on the end of the URL...

    getURL ("mypage.html?shake=true", "_blank");

    and have the target HTML page strip the query to call the function to trigger a html window to shake. Hmmm... nice!

    Let me know if this doesn't solve it and I'll see what can be done. ;-)

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