Why do I need to type "Send(9prgmXXXX" before I can run an asm-prog on my TI83+. It only gives me a syntax error?


  • Hey,

    I kept getting a syntax error too. I just type in the hex code now and its a lot easier. Just assemble the .z80 file and then look at the .obj file. It will have some hex numbers. Some at the start and some at the end you can get rid off.

    eg. a .obj file for displaying "Hi there!"


    all you need to keep is:


    I hope that all. :)

    Tell me if it isn't anyone. That program should work? May not work, tell me please.

    Then I can see what parts split up into smaller parts (aka what I can read from that hex above)

    CD5547 (call _clrLCDFull)
    3E05 (ld a,5)
    320C80 (ld (currow),a)
    3E06 (ld a,6)
    320D80 (ld (curcol),a)
    213B93 (ld hl,STRING_ONE)
    CD0D47 (call _puts)
    C9 (ret)
    48692074686572652100 (Hi there!)

    Ok bye.

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