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Our site keeps crashing.It usually crashes in the evening at 7 or 8. The stats do not be any higher than usual at this time. It does need more ram but this would not be the cause of it crashing. The following event logs occur in the system events:

event id 2506 source server
the value named restrictnullaccess in the server registry key is invalid. The value was ignired and processing continued.

and alos event id 8 source msftpsvc
ftp could not create a client working thread for user at host The connection the user is terminated. the data is the error code.

When the site hangs or crashes CPU usage goes up to 100 and inetinfo.exe is between 97 and 100%.

Could i get rid of this process?? Any suggestion would really be appreciated.


  • Try uninstall and reinstall the IIS server component?


  • Greetings
    I've seen this several times on my webserver. by default IIS installs everything(bad plan), that looks like an FTP request to create an illegal file name like: /COM1/ /Scanned byX/ /

    That will hang an IIS5(or 5.1) FTP server every time if you don't need the FTP server component uninstall it and the web server should be fine.

    also make double sure all the patch levels are up to date & run the IISlockdown utility that MS has. to tighten security by closing every(instead of being open by default) & then you can open only the access types you need.

    Hope that helps
    Stoic Joker

    : Try uninstall and reinstall the IIS server component?
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